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Junk Removal Preparation Do's & Don'ts


Before our uniformed friendly crew visits your premise to pick up and remove your junk, you will need to decide what you need clearing. You will need to identify these items to our staff members.

These tips below will help you save time and money:


Things to do before we pick up your junk


Put all lose rubbish into bags. Flatten boxes or break down garden waste to take up less space on the trucks (hence cheaper for you).

If time permits, Tag your junk items using colored tape or stick-it notes to identify the junk to be cleared from various rooms, this will help identify the junk, so it stands out to our crews.


Don't do this at all!


Lift any heavy items yourself. Our crew members are trained to lift these items, and have special equipment. This is part of our full service junk removal pledge.

Separate and do not pack hazardous materials such as oil and solvents along with your household junk. These items need to be processed separately.


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