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Painless Clutter Removal to Help Sell Your Home for Top Dollar


Clutter is the enemy of your potential homebuyer's imagination. Statistics gathered by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals show that when homes are staged they sell quicker and for more money. This is true nationally and in all markets.

RE/MAX® Team 2000 Associate Michael Phillips has used 1-866-XS-TRASH to de-clutter homes and get them ready to go on the market quickly and cost-effectively.

Michael is a big fan of staging, and knows it is important to stage the home to show to buyers so they can envision living there themselves. The clutter needs to go, as do all the trappings of daily family life. The sellers are moving any way, so help them get started now.

Michael used 1-866-XS-TRASH to help clear out a home for an out-of state-seller. "There was a ton of stuff in the house that the seller did not want, and much of it could not go out in the trash. Since we were putting the house on the market in a few days I needed a quick and inexpensive solution. I called 1-866-XS-TRASH, they showed up the next day, and we had a clean house and garage, ready for showings, for a very reasonable price. The seller was thrilled. I recommend 1-866-XS-TRASH to other sellers who need help de-cluttering."

Call 1-866-XS-TRASH to help you get rid of all the stuff in your house that you no longer need and don't want to move.

If you're moving, we can clear out the clutter and help you sell your home for top dollar. 1-866-XS-Trash is a full-service junk pick up and removal company that will take almost anything from old furniture and appliances to entire basement and garage clean outs. We do all the sorting, loading and cleanup, wherever the items are in the house.


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